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NEW Desk and Wall Tablet Mounts

Tablet Desk Mounts and Wall Mounts

Secure tablet mounts for commercial and public spaces

Robust tablet mounts design for heavy public usage - ideal for retail, public services, museum and heritage sites, offices and more. Enhance customer experience and streamline processes using tablet mounts for self-service, product information and catalogues, and visitor information points. 

With a sleek design, our tablet mounts are compact and space-saving for wall and desk installations.

  • Fits a range of devices - iPads, Samsung + more
  • Hide camera and control buttons
  • Range of mounting angles or adjustable gooseneck
  • Landscape or portrait orientation
  • Secure locking system to protect your devices
  • Internal cable management to keep cables hidden
  • Custom manufactured mounts available
Tabletta Tablet Desk Mount

Secure key lock

Key lock system integrated to secure your device in public spaces. Once the case is locked, your tablet device can only be removed from the mount by using the key.

Tablet Mount Kensington Anti Theft Lock

Additional anti-theft protection

Kensington lock slot available for added protection against theft. This lock secures the tablet mount itself to the desk or wall to protect from someone trying to remove the full unit.

Tabletta Tablet Wall Mount

Colours and branding

Tablet mounts are available in black and white as standard. Custom colours and branding are available with minimum order quantities. 

Tablet Mount Internal Cable Management

Smart cable management

Integrated, hidden cable management keeps your devices neat and tidy. Your devices can be charged or connected to other devices with the wires run internally through the mount. 

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Specifications and fixings

Tabletta Gooseneck Tablet Mount


Tablet compatibility


Angle options

Mount fixings

Extras and accessories

Extended cables

Extended cables

2M and 3M Long right angled charging cables for both android & iPad devices that are designed to allow the device to be charged while in use.

Tablet Mount Landscape Portrait Switch

Landscape and portrait switch

Landscape and portrait switch allows you to switch from landscape to portrait orientation at any time

Tablet Mount Rotate Module

Rotate module

Rotate module allows the device to pivot 270 degrees while mount is fixed in place. 

Tabletta Desk Freestanding

Freestanding base

Free standing base allows you to keep the tablet mobile for use in different places without permanent installation.

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