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Body temperature kiosk specifications

These kiosks are designed to help prevent virus spread and maintain a healthy environment for your employees, associates, visitors and the general public. 

Facial recognition can be used to allow entry to pre-vetted individuals and/or store temperature readings for a user. Setting your own threshold for temperature readings, the device will give a successful message or warning with traffic light style LED lights. 

Designed as a high-tech access control measure, our kiosks are ideal for use on entry to offices, manufacturing plants and factories, healthcare settings, supermarkets and retail shops, transport hubs, schools and universities and more.

With over 11 year's experience, LamasaTech deliver high-end technology solutions that are designed to work flawlessly.

Our body temperature check kiosks have a 1-Year standard warranty to give you peace of mind.

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Temperature Check Kiosk No Entry Message

Frequently asked questions

What system do the kiosks run?

The kiosks run Linux with an android custom shell.

Does it scan overall body temperature?

The kiosk reads the temperature of the skin on the user's forehead. 

Is there any interaction required?

The kiosks are completely non-contact and automated. Activated as the user approaches, the kiosk reads their temperature and matches their face to the database automatically. The user does not have to touch the device.

Where is the product manufactured?

Our kiosks are manufactured in accredited factories in China. LamasaTech are a leading global provider of kiosks, touch screens and digital display technology. We have been producing kiosks since 2009. You can see some of our Case Studies here.

Are the kiosks CE approved?

Yes, they are CE approved. 

Are the devices medically certified?

The kiosk is not categorised as medical device and therefore it only requires CE certification, which it has. The device is designed for mass vetting for users. Users that show abnormal temperature readings, should seek measurement with medical thermometers and medical advice.

What is the shipping time?

Shipping time is 2 weeks from order currently, due to increased lead times for couriers. 

Can the device be integrated with other systems through APis?

We’re currently working on APIs and will notify interested customers when they are ready. If you'd like to know about an API, please click the live chat bubble or use our contact form.

Can the product be white-labelled?

If you require more than 100 devices, we can label the device with your details under the serial number label and on the packaging box.