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Replace Android WebView

Replace Android WebView

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With 2.x versions of the PeakSignage application, we started to use Google’s WebView. Devices with outdated WebView can produce malfunctions. This guide shows you how to replace the WebView on your Android devices remotely, through the editor.

You can check the WebView version of your device in the screen info. We recommend replacing the WebView under version 60.

Please note that devices with OS older than Android 5.0 cannot change the WebView. The PeakSignage application will not allow this procedure, but for the health of your device, do not try to replace it. Also, WebView replace will not work on non-rooted devices.

To replace the WebView you need to send a command to the device from Editor.

1. Open the context menu of your device with a right-click on it, and go to Manage screen, and Send command.

2. Insert the following command into the input field and press Send.

{ "user_command" : "ReplaceWebView" }

3. Your device will now download the new WebView and reboot.

4. Once the device has rebooted, it will change the WebView to the new one and will reboot again.