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Custom Element

Custom Element

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With the Custom element, you can display a website, HTML code, or even a Google Form.

In the Text menu, you can choose your content type.

With the URL type, you can set the URL that you want to display.

You can also make it interactive and display it the same as the origin website.

You must use both if you want to display a Google Form. With the HTML Code type, you can display an HTML code and you can write it into the text box.

You can also make it interactive.

In the Size&Position menu, you can select the width, the height, and the placement of your element quickly

Click here for more information about using size and position. In the Effects menu, you can select a background image or colour to your element. In the Animation menu, you can choose the enter, repeat and exit animations of your element.

Click here for more information about using animations.