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Content Scheduler

Content Scheduler

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With the content scheduler, you will be able to organise your contents in a calendar.

Each scheduler has a default content that plays when nothing else has been assigned.

This is the main Scheduler editor interface

content scheduler interface
  • You can view the calendar in daily, weekly and monthly format
  • You can easily add contents from the right sidebar
  • You can edit the added contents in the left sidebar
  • You can also add repeatables to your scheduler, see more about them down below

You can create Allday contents and contents that are active for a certain amount of time.

multiple day contents in calander

You can drag out contents and make them last for multiple days.

You can delete contents from the calendar with the trash icon in the upper left corner, or using the DELETE key.

This is the main Repeatable editor interface

repeatable editor interface
  • You can set how long you want your scheduler to be
  • Set which days you want it to apply
  • Add contents just like in the calendar

You can edit one day in this interface and that will be applied to all the selected days. The repeatables can be overwritten in the calendar by other contents.