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Content Element

Content Element

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With the Content element, you can display another content or loop in your content.

In the Content menu, you can select the content or loop that you want to display in your main content.

One page function displays only one page of content. After you selected content as a source you can select which page you want it to appear on.

In Query params, you can give parameters for the element like top=0. These parameters are for softmatrix displaying.

In the Size&Position menu, you can select the width, the height, and the placement of your element quickly.

Click here for more information about using size and position.

In the Effects menu, you can set the rounding and the opacity of your element.

In the Behaviour menu, you can set whether the inner content is Interactive or not.

In the Other Effects menu, you can select a background image or colour, shadow, and border for your element.

In the Animation menu, you can choose the enter and exit animation of your element.

Click here for more information about using animation.